November 2021

Meet our Newest Advisor: Dr. Callie Seaman

It's an exciting time here at Chilam. As we continue to build on our Research and Development efforts, we are still growing our already robust board of advisors. Here at Chilam, we want to provide more than just a quality product, we want to help educate our patients and partners with expert insights into a constantly growing and evolving space in medicine. Our newest Advisory Board member, Dr. Callie Seaman, brings an invaluable level of industry expertise and knowledge to our team and we couldn’t be more excited.

Dr. Callie Seaman is an internationally renowned biomedical researcher and veteran of the hydroponics industry with over 20 years of experience in the field. Callie is a driven academic who has had research papers and academic studies published around the world, is a regular technical contributor to numerous hydroponic-specific publications and is highly regarded in the industry as a reference point for definitive plant information. With a career-long focus on applying her academic qualifications and industry experience to the successful formulation and manufacturing methodology of numerous hydroponic products, there are a rare few in the world that can speak with more authority on the subject than Callie.

She began her career in biomedical research at Sheffield Hallam University, where she first got her degree and went on to complete her Ph.D. with her final thesis “The Investigation of Nutrient Solutions for Hydroponic Growth of Plants”. During her time at Sheffield Hallam, she worked for Glaxo-Smith Kline and during her Ph.D. became the director of Aqualab's Ltd.

Over the course of her two-decade career, Callie has been passionate about advocating for the medicinal properties of cannabis and the potential for high-quality, effective, and science-driven cannabinoid medicines. Her passion for medicinal cannabis stems from her own personal journey with Epilepsy which started at an early age. She has been a speaker at numerous Hemp / CBD / Medical Cannabis conferences and expositions worldwide and in 2018 joined Hempire Ltd. She also works with numerous non-profit organizations dedicated to patient advocacy, including as an advisor for Medcann Support and PLEA, where she focuses on educating patients on the process that takes medicinal cannabis from plant form to a lab-formulated product.