December 2021

Get to know our CFO: Adam Stankiewicz

Adam Stankiewicz is a UK-based financial analyst and strategic advisor who has been with Chilam since its inception. Much more than just a CFO, Adam is a problem solver, and he brings both strong business acumen and a multi-faceted background to our robust leadership.

Adam joined Chillam at the beginning of our journey in 2020, following a decade of working in venture capital and building startups. As a VC, Adam spent his time analyzing and investing in high-growth companies, predominantly in the healthcare and technology sectors. He later took on the role of Commercial and Finance Director in one of his portfolio companies, a consumer healthcare platform that provided patients suffering from long-term conditions with non-medical products to improve their quality of life and symptom management. In addition, Adam has advised multiple healthtech businesses, including the UK’s leading GP staffing platform and an AIM-listed specialist pharmaceutical platform.

As CFO at Chilam, Adam says it has been exciting to see the potential of medical cannabis and also to see the challenges of bringing a medical cannabis product to market in a constantly shifting landscape. For Adam, his work at Chilam is a marriage of all the things he has learned and experienced previously. In his own words, "What makes a company exciting is that there is not just a big opportunity, but there is a genuine problem that we can address with what we are doing."