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January 2022

Advisory Board Profile: Paul Carter

In this week’s blog, meet Paul Carter, a key member of our Advisory Board.

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December 2021

Get to know our CFO: Adam Stankiewicz

Adam Stankiewicz is a UK-based financial analyst and strategic advisor who has been with Chilam since its inception.

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November 2021

Meet our Newest Advisor: Dr. Callie Seaman

Our newest advisor, Dr. Callie Seaman, is an internationally renowned biomedical researcher and an industry veteran with over two decades of experience.

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October 2021

The Ins and Outs of Medicinal Cannabis

In this blog, we take a quick look at what Medicinal Cannabis actually is, what it treats, and what makes it different from Cannabis for recreational use.

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September 2021

Get to Know our CEO

Monique Ellis is a London-based entrepreneur and investor. She is the co-founder and CEO of Chilam, the medicinal cannabis brand that personifies her vision for a future where empowered patients and customers have access to better pain management.

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